I have deliberately not included links to lots of individual people or reports. The sites referred to keep better updates on these than I ever could!

Shiatsu Society (UK): Umbrella organisation for all types and styles of shiatsu in the UK. It has information about training, qualifications, schools, practitioners and publications.

European Shiatsu Federation (ESF): Aims to further the development of Shiatsu in Europe. It has representatives from different countries. Its activities include lobbying the EU and commissioning research.

Der österreichische Dachverband für Shiatsu: This umbrella organisation has links to Shiatsu practitioners, schools and other information about Shiatsu in Austria (German).

Shiatsu Gruppe Oberösterreich: A regional group in Upper Austria with regular meetings and a well-maintained website. Includes information about courses, professional and legal guidance, events and workshops. (German)

Curriculum Vitae and more about Cliff James: Further information about my life, career and attitudes.
or about my involvement in music: